Wakodahatchee Wetlands

Hello Everyone!

Here is my weekly post…I had a great day at the Wakodahatchee wetland in Delray Beach, FL yesterday…another wonderful and highly recommended spot for birdwatching and wildlife in South Florida.

The name “Wakodahatchee” comes from a Seminole Indian phrase meaning “created waters.” This wetland is man-made next to a an  existing Water Treatment Plant located one mile southeast of the Southern Region Water Reclamation Facility. The 50 acres includes a beautiful boardwalk, loaded with wildlife, where you can find lots of Wood-storks, Egrets, Anhingas…did I mention photographers?

Wakodahatchee Wetland, Delray Beach, FL



  1. Beautiful and interesting pictures of the birds…pity some of the pictures are so small size. I am looking forward to see more birds posts of you! 🙂


      1. 🙂 The first 6 from the photo gallery above 🙂 I like birds photography a lot, maybe because I live in the area where are not many birds… 😉


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