Versailles: Strolling the gardens

In 1661 Louis XIV entrusted André Le Nôtre with the creation and renovation of the gardens of Versailles, which he considered just as important as the Palace. Work on the gardens was started at the same time as the work on the palace and lasted for 40 or so yearsread more

Apollo’s fountain was built by Tuby on a design by Le Brun, based on the legend of Apollo, the Sun-god, and the King’s icon. It features the god bursting forth from the water in anticipation of his daily flight above the earth. 

from royal residences to the palace of Versailles Until the official inauguration of the Palace of Versailles on 6 May 1682.
There was another reason as to why Louis XIV transferred his court from the Louvre to Versailles: security. Louis XIV had always been suspicious of the Parisians and worried that they would endanger his position as an absolute monarch (considering what happened to Louis XVI, he had a point…). So, now he was just far enough outside Paris to be alerted in time if something were to happen but could still visit his capital if he wished to do so.
Latona’s fountain was inspired by The Metamorphoses by Ovide. 


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