Kayaking riverbend park, jupiter

The paddling from the riverbend canoe/kayaking launch to the Dam is easy, and relaxing. This part of the river is shaded by centuries-old cypress trees and crystal-clear waters. If you are a nature photography lover, you will find plenty of opportunities to use your camera while cruising the river. As you get closer to the Dam…you will experience a much faster water current. BE AWARE that on the way back you will have to paddle against the current to head back to the canoe launch…

This paddle adventure is approximately 2.5 mile round trip, but if you paddle a little farther downstream to the overpass for a U-turn, you will find yourself in a almost pre-historic, untouched site, worth a try, a 3.5 mile round trip.


  1. What a small world! We were just there the other day for a great walk – wonder if we saw you kayaking by?!☺️ We go there a lot for birding photography, walking, and Nature Journaling.
    Just curious… How many gators did you pass?

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