About Me

“I am not interested in shooting new things – I am interested to see things new.” Ernst Haas

Casually enjoying photography for decades, things came into sharp focus when I had a near death experience in 2016. Vibrancy, mood, and the subtle magic around us takes on a whole new meaning. I hope you will enjoy what my experience has to offer you through these images. All content © Ileana Alberti 2020 .

Photographs are Still Moments of Our Lives” Ileana Alberti


  1. Your photography is excellent. Thanks for dropping by my Nature Blog and following. You might also enjoy my (mainly) B & W blog – link is at the top of my home page.


  2. Hello Ileana, you found the blog where I write about photography. Thats great.
    Now that I know about you I will spend some time wandering your blog viewing the images you post and reading what you have to say about them.
    Nice to be in contact.


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